Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas in Heaven

Think about the best thing in your life and ask yourself if you think you're being rewarded...

If you think you have been blessed in life, despite any past transgressions, you, like me, might consider the idea that this (i.e., Earth, our solar system, galaxy, etc.) is Heaven, that Heaven isn't somewhere else.

The idea that this life could be Heaven might seem a little far-fetched, but is it, really?

Who is to say what Heaven looks like? Who is to say that this isn't Heaven? How could we ever conceive of a place outside of ourselves? If we are fashioned out of the stuff that is made entirely of the Universe then Heaven could exist here or even within us.

Maybe causality, the relationship between events (the cause) and second events (the effect), really is a consequence of a first action?

If this relationship between a set of factors with its corresponding phenomenon (the effect) recognizably exists in our world, which is held in a closed system, why not conceive of the idea that our existence and personal experiences could be the recycled product or effect of a prior cause?

We could be the embodiment of our prior selves from previous lifetimes, simultaneously living out the effects of both positive and negative actions, resulting in both Heaven and Hell-type experiences.

If our closed system universe recycles its component parts, this lifetime could be both a little Heaven and a little Hell for the actions we committed or were committed against us in a previous lifetime.

For arguments sake, let's say that you, like me, are a pretty fortunate person - lucky even. You have a loving family, good friends, a home to hang your hat, some disposable income, savings or convertible assets; you have your health, your sanity (wink), you can walk and move about without the aid of a wheelchair.

Little by little, you begin listing off all the things you enjoy about life; all the things that together make you who you are; all the things that give meaning to your life and to your existence.

The thought hits you again: What if this is Heaven?

How would we recognize Heaven? How might someone behave if they were in Heaven? For me, I'd be the same person I am here.


It's cold outside, but the sun is shining brightly. It's illuminating the building across from our courtyard. It's one of those mornings we call "nice". I look to the sky. It's baby blue; not a cloud in sight.

Our mornings are easy right now. As I sit here writing this post, my children and I are enjoying the warmth of the apartment. The dogs are lying on the armrests of the couch, the gentle hum of my computer reminds me that it's probably not a good idea to spend so much time on this machine, our Charlie Brown Christmas Tree is lit and filling the room with the aroma of pine while sitting atop a Louis XVIth writing desk.

My daughter is reading a book on time travel and my son is staring intently at the ancient alchemy symbols in his book, as if trying to commit them to permanent memory, which he'll eagerly tell you lies predominantly in the left temporal lobe region of the brain.

My children and I are in Paris.  Our experience here is of our own making. We can stroll along the avenues, brave the madness that defines holiday shopping at Galleries Lafayette, revisit our favorite monuments and take new, updated pictures for our family albums, or we can hit the Science & Technology museum, where we enjoy learning new things and oogling over the history of human invention and industry.

With ice skating under the Eiffel Tower beckoning us in the background, a zillion galleries to be explored, and new foods and drinks to sample along the way, why stay inside?

It's time to head out again for
another beautiful December day in Paris.

As lovely and pleasantly distracting as these thoughts are, they bring me back to my original question. What if this really is Heaven? What if everywhere is Heaven?

Assuming we are guests in this universe, should we not behave as good guests should behave? Should we not help out along the way and show our gratitude by sharing our joy and good fortune with others?

Wherever you are this holiday season, ask yourself this simple question: 

What if this is Heaven?

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Shenn said...

What a wonderful post!

Soph Laugh said...

Thank you, Shenn!