Friday, December 7, 2012

Time Speeding Up

The subject of "time speeding up" has made its way into my general discussions with others as well as being ever present in my own thoughts and sense of perception. The paucity of information being processed from the free energie in quantum fields seems to be disrupting the otherwise molecular order. 

From global warming to my own biological mechanism, the dancing of particles inside me and around me creates the sensation that the universe is changing form, like the energie of the universe is processing and transforming its existing bits to make room for the new ones coming from evolutionary growth. 

Energie has the feature of being conserved: it can take different forms - heat, work, electrical energy, mechanical energy - but it is never lost (first law of thermodynamics). The energie we see around us (Earth, stars, light, heat) emerged from the underlying quantum fields by the expansion of our universe before getting sucked out by gravity, the negative energetic counterpart to the more positive energie in quantum fields. 

The conventional history of the universe pays great attention to this energie (so, too, should we). After all, energie and information are the two primary actors in our cosmic theater; with energie playing the role of the protagonist and information the antagonist. 

The sensation of time speeding up, in this sense, is caused by the interplay between our two cosmic actors. In one corner, we have free energie associated with entropy, and in the other corner we have the highly ordered chemical bonds that hold molecules together. 

With the evolutionary advancements being made in material science, the new "beings" or "upgrades to our present biological beings" convert energie into motion in totally new ways. However, this trajectory must first exist in the quantum field in obedience to the laws of thermodynamics. While the total amount of energie in our universe may remain the same, the way it's being used is changing. This is what I think might be causing many of us to experience the sensation that time is speeding up. 

Reversing this process would be very difficult. If we wanted to convert the increased energie (in the form of heat) that we're experiencing (as time speeding up) on the planet back into energie in chemical bonds, which have less entropy, we'd need to do something with that extra information. The problem as any director knows is finding a place for these cosmic extras to go. In the cosmic masterpiece that makes up the stage of life, everybody wants to be a star. 

It takes energie for a physical system to evolve from one state to another. That is, it takes energie to process information. The more energie applied, the faster the physical transformation takes place and the faster the information is processed. The maximum rate at which a physical system can process information is proportional to its energie. The more energie, the faster the universal bits dance. 

Before our universe began 14 billion years ago in a massive explosion, there was no time and no space. Not just empty space, but rather the absence of space itself. Time had a beginning. Just like how positive numbers begin from zero, so too began our universe from the "empty thing". 

Then, instantly, the universe opened its curtains and with it, time, space, and the newly woven fabric of quantum fields emerged. Like Shakespeare's early plays, the quantum actors had only small parts of energie and information to play out. Before opening night, even Shakespeare's universe registered zero audience members. 

Yet, the moment the actors got on stage (registered 1's), the cosmic stage itself grew. As the universe expanded, it pulled more and more energie out of the underlying quantum fabric of space and time. Like all actors new to thrill of instant fame, the universe's ego (energie) quickly inflated and grew rapidly. However, it took time for new scripts (information) to be written and processed. So, the early days upon the cosmic stage remained simple and orderly, with the sense of freedom that accompanies early creation and exploration (expansion). 

Soon thereafter, things smoothed out. Condensation produced the forms of matter with which we're familiar today. As cosmic actors guilds arose or rather when composite particles such as protons formed, the free energie decreased because it no longer needed to maintain these entities as distinct particles. Every time a new actor hit the cosmic stage, there was a burst of entropy - new scripts (information) was written in the cosmic playbook. 

Before the formation of atoms, cosmic scripts were still on the tip of early cosmic Shakespearean tongues (i.e., not all bits were registered by the positions and velocities of protons, electrons, and so forth). Image if you will a movie with no special effects, no special lighting, no computerized editing. The early cosmic stage was pretty quiet. 

Then, as matter does, it clustered together and formed galaxies. A hierarchy of clusters arose and gave rise to large-scale structures. Yet, the values fluctuated, some areas of the early cosmic stage become more populated than others just as some plays or ballet dances are preferred over others. 

Every cosmic actor in our galaxy owes its early beginnings to the early cosmic stage. Every roll of the cosmic dice produces new scripts in the language of nature. As these scripts accumulate, the cosmic stage speeds up, heats up, and expands. While most systems became long sequences of simple transformations, the new systems that are vastly emerging around (and within) us require more complex interactions. As we transform this information, as the universe computes the new physics and their chemical and biological consequences, the universe needs more memory space to hold it all. 

This interplay between energie and information is what accounts for the sensation of time speeding up. 

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