Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day After Christmas


An imaginary dreamworld of feeling that finds expression in the landscape of the aftermath that was Christmas Day. 

A vagueness associated with what we're "supposed to be doing today", the incompleteness of gestures (hangovers, too), the gently swaying attitudes of "let's chuck this stuff (on our To-Do List) and relax and watch a movie." 

The figures from the imaginary ballet of celebration and festivities have chosen this Day After Christmas to cease moving and thinking to just be quiet for awhile until everything aligns itself again after the New Year. 

With fleeting attention and the evocation of left-overs in the frig, who could resist a day spent in mindless television viewing, novel reading, drawing, painting, sculpting, and writing? 

Not me, that's who. 

With a massive TO-DO LIST beckoning my attention on the horizon, I choose to goof-off, even though the fêtes galantes are over.

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