Sunday, December 23, 2012

Formula for Simplifying Negativity Into Positivity

The general formula for simplifying negative energie is shown in the above image

When you have a positive outlook on life =  
If you encounter a negative moment = 

You can (consciously choose) to convert  

By focusing on a positive thought 

whatever that thought may be

Both positive and negative energetic expressions exist in the world. What an individual experiences is directly related to how that individual internally processes energie.

Dividing negative or positive energie along its line of demarcation naturally neutralizes it. Neutral energie can be converted into either positive and negative energetic expressions depending on the dividing thought (be that positive or negative).

The formula for converting negative energie into positive energie can be expressed utilizing an infinite number of exponents or icons:

Mastery over converting negative expressions into positive ones involves:
  1. A continuous desire to live in a positive state.
  2. The natural ability to recognize negative energie.
  3. An evolved faculty to internally neutralize negativity back into positivity.

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