Friday, December 14, 2012

iAm Funny

Humorous thoughts put me in a state of mind that makes mixing up concepts difficult to resist. Perhaps the most compelling account of how this affects me is that I often times find myself laughing at nothing, or at least next to nothing. 

When I think through my enormous Steampunk goggles, small features of ordinary life are magnified. I notice the absurdity, beauty, comedy, disorder, intrigue, etc. common to our daily lives. I purposely entertain random  thought associations. I draw unusual connections between the particulars of daily life; grand theories and intricate plots emerge. 

The data I've collected on audience (this blog, Facebook, Twitter) reactions to these creative flights of fancy reveals that humor is far more intricate than the standard ironic, sarcastic, slapstick, or even tension releasing type of humor we commonly associate with comedy. For comedy is all the imaginative energie created (and drawn, written, said, or sung) while in a comedic mood. 

Bizarre notions are made in this space. Normative reasons send us reeling with laughter while motivational reasons engage our psychological states in a way that we find worthwhile - so we laugh. 

We say to ourselves,

Humorous mindsets enhance the creative process. Once you get your funny hat on straight, which could take six years, you can sit down to write. 

"Who's there?"
We're in.

A lighthearted, kiss my fruity patuty attitude is what receives the most genuine number of pageviews, "likes", "retweets", Google +s, and comments. People are thinkers - irrespective of the subject, and people are mavericks - in how they approach that thinking. 

Sure, there are those with limited states of cognition floating about, but they also click like on these types of posts. Whether we realize it or not, humor acts like a societal pickpocket obtaining intel on what's what, who's who, and why we think things are as they might be. Humor research offers us insight. 

Insight from the appearance of humorous randomness. 

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