Monday, December 17, 2012

The Ninth House of Humor


Nietzsche, in his The Gay Science shows that all the burden of life, the heaviness of spirit, can be overcome by the spirit of dance, laughter, song and light, the divine culmination of existence for man, who claims to have found transcendence of any limit in laughter.

The ninth house of humor transcends humor in the lower houses. It is the humor inherent in the Hobbit's quest for adventure and becoming. It comes into being in the jokes we tell ourselves as we venture forth along whatever quest we consciously choose take in order to expand our horizons.

This type of humor is reflective in nature. Insights are found in old scrapbooks, notes, and files, even if we don't put those files together until after the journey.

Jokes about spiritual awakening and insights we gained from our journeys are funnier, especially when shared with fellow adventurers.

When we laugh or tease about the things that support our growth, such as our curiosity about life or our need for elevenses, we involve an even wider circle of knowledge into our jokes and they become more complex as they begin mirroring the changes in our world-view.

Signs and synchronicity become absolutely hilarious. We interpret these funny little insights as markers along the way to tell us that we're on the right path for ourselves, which makes it easier to interact with others along the way.

In the Ninth House of Humor, we feel like we're all in this journey together. We laugh and take delight in the long transformative travels we undertake to understand existence across cultures, from Elves to Hobbits to Orks to Goblins to Uruks, etc.

Everyone's jokes offer insight into ourselves - language and geographical barriers dissolve and what we're left with is a deeper appreciation and understanding into what makes others laugh, into what's important to others.

This house of humor redefines how we absorb new experiences, philosophies, ways of living, and shapes them into an evolving perspective.

This is the type of humor that causes us to think that life just couldn't get any funnier, then somehow, miraculously, it does!

Now, we're laughing both at the joke and at the metajoke (of life). There's an emphasis on experimental joking, exploring what makes others laugh, along with the thrill of venturing forth in an active way and participating in it ourselves.

We see a friend in need and we step forth. The Ninth House of Humor reflects the jokes we tell ourselves across all kinds of perceived boundaries, lifting our essence out of where it was to where vitality is found.

Our mind skips out of the old grooves and patterns into fresh zones where the landscape comes alive. This view, as scary as it might be at first, guides us toward fascinating opportunities that lie just beyond the horizon. 

The jokes told in the Ninth House of Humor reflect how our faith in life can be restored. The little clues and dramas in this house are part of the spiritual quest and make for great joke material.

The humor in this house defines what gives us that sense that we're on the right track. The insights we gain from these jokes give us the sense that these little funny quips, analogies, and incongruities are reality rewards, reflections of our own growing inner awareness of something bigger than we ever imagined.

There's a chance vista around every corner

...a contract with our name on it. 

The Ninth House of Humor shows us where to sign our own name and how the dots are connected, but it's up to us to do the signing. If we don't sign up for the journey, the humor that awaits us from the insights we garner here will never be forged.

The humor of our ninth house helps us make sense of the journey... laughter is our reward for being brave enough to venture forth on the most impossible of quests - the journey of finding oneself.

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