Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Written Sculpture

My two greatest passions in life are books and art:

As an art enthusiast, I am delighted by the possibility inherent in the material that comprises a bound and fastened book. 

As a book lover, my heart skips a beat at the violent desecration of archives that represent the culmination of great knowledge and learning, the history of human thought. 

The imaginative prognosticator in me imagines that books will soon be downloaded into our biological brains by means of nanosensors or book transistors. 

Once we can download books into our biological brains, what will we do with the surplus of archives we have around the world? 

While the worlds surplus books could certainly serve utilitarian purposes, those of us book lovers with an artistic bent might consider written sculpture.  

For anyone who received a Nook or some other electronic reader for Christmas who is considering tossing out their old books, I thought this book art might inspire you to see a new future for this highly pliable material. 

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