Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Spirit of Père Noël

The human spirit delights in freedom of itself. In the absence of freedom, we express scarcity; in the presence of it, we express generosity.

Père Noël represents the transformational power freedom possesses. As a man, Nicolas was generous with others and lived his life in service them so that when he finally reached old age, he, himself, received the ultimate gift of freedom - immortality - to become the embodiment of honorable, unselfish, good-hearted charity.

Christmas serves as the human reminder of this freedom.

During the holidays, two prominent emotions expressed joy and despair. In the lower expression, resources are in short supply. Survival, truth, and fairness are at risk. Life is difficult, but it will "get better" when something "changes."

In the higher expression, feelings of joie de vivre, jubilation, and felicity produce inside us an overwhelming feeling of gladness, happiness, and joy - for the world. Here, life is beautiful; we have enough to go around; our aesthetic being rises to center stage and paints the world happy.

At the core of every human being is this love for the world, the gratitude of being. Here, existence is enough.

Euphoria, bliss, ecstasy, rapture, and pleasure await us. Existence is the source of our greatest delight.

With freedom comes generosity. With generosity comes unity, and with unity we become - herein lies our source of joy.

Merry Christmas!

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