Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google's Whisper Service

Google's "Whisper Service" whispers ads right into your ear. 

I am sooooo into what's trending now that I have joined Google's Whisper Club. No more fast vibrating, harsh vocal sounds for me because those lovely sibilant whispers - shhhhhhhhh - can now be heard thousands of miles away. 

In the middle of a crowded room, I can now lean into my mobile, cusp it in my hand, and quietly whisper to my bestie exactly what I think about you-know-who. 

For those who work in espionage, Google Whisper offers Fat Google, which quietly and targetedly obscures even the most secret of languages. Operation Trident never sounded as sweet. 

Pens across the world will chant the name, IImapuu (World Tree), as Estonian trees whisper their secrets to writers everywhere. 

And best of all...

Can you hear me now? 

Will never be heard again.

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