Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Screwdriver By Any Other Name

I used a screwdriver to take apart my parents television set as a kid. 

Impressively, it kept working despite the fact that there were a few pieces left over. 

Today, kids probably only use a screwdriver to install more memory into their computers.

Generations of knowledge lead to a deeper understanding of internal combustion engines, gears and levers, drivetrains and pulleys, vacuum tubes, transistors, ham radios, and electronic circuits... computers, disk drives, fiber optics, bandwidth, and music-  and image-compression codes... force and energy, voltage and charge, bits and bytes. 

Yet, it's the screwdriver that very may well be the last tool we have in common with tomorrow's youth. 

A screwdriver by any other name is a sonic one. Who wouldn't want a tool that operates through the use of sound-waves, exerting physical force on objects remotely, unlocking almost any door and accessing every computer in the universe? 

The closest thing out there might be a pair Sonotweezers

I'll gladly take a pair in the meantime! 

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