Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hospital Funnies

Nobody likes those gowns! If we truly embrace the meaning of reuse and recycle, I'm sure we could find some useful things to make out of them. 

1. Fabric Post-It Note Holders

2. Microwave Fingertip Mitts

3. Pyramid Coin Purses

4. Fabric Covered Candle Holders

5. Zippered Pencil & School Supplies Cases

6. Cute Covered Magnets

7. Fabric Stickers

8. Reusable Coffee Sleeve

9. Funky CD Cases 

10. Ruffle Checkbook Covers

11. Tooth Fairy Pillows

12. Fabric Flowers

13. Table Runners

14. Camera or iPad Pouches 

15. Teeny Tiny Tote

16. Relaxing Eye Pods (fill with flax seeds, buckwheat, and dried lavender) 

17. Ice Pack Cover with Pocket

18. Fabric Scrap Gift Tags

19. Fashionable Fabric Key Chains

20. Fabric Coasters

In the meantime you're trying to decide what to make with all those discarded hospital gowns, here's some images of encouragement if you're presently nursing an illness or an injury. Remember, doctors keep Death at bay for us. So, be nice to your nurses, they will put in a good word for you with the doc, who might actually end up taking time to read your chart! 

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bonniebee said...

We did tooth fairy pillows too, and we got pretty punny.

You can see them on etsy: