Thursday, March 15, 2012

Can Point, but Afraid to Click Support Group

Fear of clicking is a much more pervasive problem than Internet counselors previously considered. 

The term clickmentphobia was coined in 2012 by the popular humorist, Sophy Laughing, otherwise known to her friends as Soph Laugh. Following absolutely no criticism whatsoever for any preconceived ideas about clickmentphobia, the author decided to provide a more coherent model of clickmentphobia to replace an earlier work, The Mayan Inception Pranks.
Finding a well-qualified counselor is difficult, especially one who is clicker friendly, when your ability to click on links already has you suffering, if not overhwhelmed. In a clickerbound world, it can be downright hazardous to have a therapist who lacks clicker training and the experience of working with other clickaphobes. 

We at Click Me believe that everyone is entitled to a click-free evaluation for clickmentphobia so we've designed this click-free quiz...

C1.  What would happen if your clicker bit you? 

a. I would sustain a clicker bite. 
b. I would not have been touching the clicker to begin with. 
c. I would freak the click out! 

C2.  While watching a video on YouTube, you all of a sudden see a music video from the 80s that you'd really like to watch/listen to, what do you do? 

a. Ask your friend to click on it for you
b. You're an advocate of no-clicking and wouldn't let a friend click alone
c. You ask them to click on iTunes and download the song for you there

C3. Your significant other buys you a shiny new Apple laptop, which you have to set-up. Given that this activity involves clicking, you: 

a. Leave the shiny new laptop in the box and pretend to be online 
b. Ask a neighbor's 12-year old to come set-up your computer
c. Dive right in and in a frenzy, begin clicking on everything! (see parents)

C4. You're expecting a significant refund and all you have to do is sign into the company's site and transfer the funds to your online banking account. You: 

a. Agonize over signing in every day - but don't do it
b. Ask a friend to sign in for you, though you'd really rather not
c. Clickmentphobia smobia! The moment you heard there was cash, you opened up an online banking account, signed into the company website, claimed your money, and are on your way to Barbados. Problem solved. 

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