Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Raising Funny Kids 10: Funny Food

Socrates: "We'll give them desserts, too, of course, consisting of figs, chickpeas, and beans, and they'll roast myrtle and acorns before the fire...And so they'll live in peace and good health..." 

Plato, Republic 372c3-372d51

Food offers us a smorgasbord of bountiful spreads, uniquely delightful, extraordinarily succulent, and most aesthetically worthwhile. 

Kids enjoy exploring the nibbles of gustatory delight. 

Creative cookery turns our nutritive endeavors into the acquisition of taste and culinary cooperation. 

Playing with a child's hunger for investigation, food offers the opportunity to champion young tastebuds at home, unleashing an aesthetic appreciation for culinary discovery. 

Despite undeveloped palates or potential eating disorders, the fondness a child feels for a certain character or object spreads to their exploration of sustenance. 

Our kitchens provide an appealing environment for young minds and tummies whereby children can explore their artistic side, expand their eating habits into a more well-rounded cuisine, and draw upon cooking methods, techniques, and ingredients to create their very own artistic palate. 

Food, like humor, brings us together in a fellowship of sharing, strengthening our relationships of love and friendship. A humorous bent aimed at culinary creativity allows kids to forge bonds and bridge the gaps between adolescent tastebuds and adult ones. 

Raising funny kids naturally results in raising funny epicureans. 

Kids enjoy working with new and different ingredients, expanding their sense of taste and smell alike. 

It is unrealistic to feed a child peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pizza, and chicken nuggets and expect them to have an appreciation for international cuisine.

Even for the child whose palate is not as modest, failing to cultivate a child's kitchen and garden diminishes their consciousness of Epicurean physics. 

"The beginning and root of all good is the pleasure of the stomach; even wisdom and culture must be referred to this." 

Some of the sweetest pleasures in life come from feasting, or in our kids' case, noshing on a tasty treat. 

In this dog-eat-dog world, our olfactory organs are becoming repressed. With genetically modified foods, our stomachs and digestive systems are taking a beating. 

Creative cookery is an immensely satisfying way to encourage young palates to discover that the ostensibly selfish needs of the stomach come from not knowing its limits. The benefits of artistology (study of dining) offers the entire family a piece of the pot pie. 

In honor of young chefs everywhere...

Here's a collection of bread and cheese, fish and meat, pasta and veges to help inspire your family as you explore together your own gastronomic funny side...


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