Sunday, March 11, 2012

Occupy Time


"There is no difference between Time and any of the three dimensions of Space except that our consciousness moves along it."   

H.G. Wells, The Time Machine

I observe daylight savings time because otherwise I'd be late for appointments.

Soph Laugh

Time underlies the widespread folk practice stemming from the ancient belief in temporal cyclicity. Annual rituals and financial models are indeed linked despite their implacable opposition to each other. The symbolism underlying them is the notion of time.

One of the most popular methods for helping predict a stock's price, at least in the short term, is called Technical Analysis. This method involves looking for patterns or indicators in stock prices, volumes, moving averages, and many others, over time

Nobody can predict the future but this method can be quite effective in many cases because human beings are somewhat predictable. 

When people see a stock begin to dramatically fall they often panic and sell their shares, which leads to an "overshoot" of the stock price. 

Calculate in daylight savings and you've got another example of flawed moving averages...another 200 days of Moving Averages of our stock price along with the price itself. 

When you see the current price cross over one of these Moving Averages on the charts, it might be an indicator of change in a long-term trend to base the stock market on an axis that cannot be modeled according to past performances or future prospects because there's always a "glitch" in the system. 

Despite being strongly influenced by the dominance of linear time, using it to model technological systems betrays much hidden and occasionally overt cyclicity. 

The deep preoccupation with the natural cycle of the seasons, the use of repetitious style, and the liberal employment by writers of a nothing-new-under-the-sun philosophy suggest a fantasized retreat from time's relentless arrow. 

Paul Davies

Living life backwards through time gives us an unexpected power over a seemingly hopeless situation, a deus ex machina, if you will. 

Follow Friendly as he distorts the structure of temporality in that fascinating and compelling  abstract mathematical parameter. 

We perceive time through motion and conceptualize it as an independently existing thing, an entity in its own right - an order of nature. 

"That a Reward be settled by Parliament upon such Person or persons as shall discover a more certain and practicable Method of Ascertaining Longitude than any yet in practice." 

Queen Anne, 1714

No event better symbolizes the transition from the organic, rhythmic time of traditional folklore to the modern notion of time as a functional parameter with economic and scientific value. 

Paul Davies

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