Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Creative Suffering

The Center for Creative Suffering
Welcomes You

At The Center for Creative Suffering, we believe that survivors have the right to teach others how to suffer. We are honored to be part of the suffering journey. 

The Center for Creative Suffering's mission is to offer those who have not suffered or who feel they have not suffered enough and their loved ones opportunities for suffering through indifference, intentional disregard, and refusal to take notice. The Center for Creative Suffering provides expensive and counterintuitive services, a beyond messed-up staff, and an environment guaranteed to rattle your cage and confidence in a public forum. 

The 3 most important things to remember 


It is Always YOUR FAULT 

Suffering is The Creative Way 

of Living with PAIN

This is a joke! 
This is not an endorsement for suffering. 
This is humor emerging from a painful experience. 
I'm pretty soft hearted and when I see so many friends and family members suffering it feels like an "owwwweeeee" for me too!

Sending love to all my friends and family who have suffered 

Dedicated to all those people who are suffering in the world today... 

Get Well Soon! 

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