Sunday, March 11, 2012

No Space For Time

Time does not fit in my reality. 

I cannot embrace predefined infinity for it is virtually redundant. 

That cosmic clockwork ignores my perception 
of the present state of motion of the universe. 

Who is this Cosmic Watchmaker?

Faithfully keeping to the laws of mechanics? 

When he drew, in his De Motu Animalium, the vertical of gravity in the human body, Borelli (1679) suggested that the laws of mechanics do not exclusively apply to celestial bodies. 

From that moment, posture and balance have been linked in the mind of men. 

150 years later...

Charles Bell (1837) raised the question of postural control: 

"Obviously, man has a sense through which he knows the bending of his body and he has the ability to readjust it and correct any deviation from the vertical." 

The appropriate kinematic reactions for the stabilization of the human body, with respect to time, lead to mobilization only when our consciousness occupies our own mass center or a pressure center or both. 

We are therefore the center of our own universes. 

So set your own time...

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