Saturday, June 18, 2011

Just Laugh

((¯`♥´¯)) ✰
/ \~~~> ☆░S░O░P░H░Y░ ☆
♥˚░L░A░U░G░H░I░N░G░ ♥˚

Peter Ustinov said that "Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious."  Humor is formidable. The ability to perceive and express humor or to appreciate a joke gives us a tremendous sense of assurance. Laughter is an innate declaration that results in more confidence, certainty in one's own abilities, and a sense of true promise. 

Other pleasures in life meet our intellectual, emotional, spiritual, or physical demands, whereas the expression of humor simply meets our expectations, needs, and desires as a sentient being who simply exists. 

I, personally, believe the world should insist on humor, should request, demand, and call out for it! Everyone I meet seems to be thirsting for humor without even knowing it. As easy as it is to react to anger, it's equally easy to laugh at the humorous aspects of life. I often laugh the hardest at the simplest jokes. 

Recipe for today: 

Go to a movie, play, or event intended to make an audience laugh. Listen to a funny broadcast program, Google a comedian on YouTube, or pick up a joke book at let yourself giggle. I believe you'll agree with me that it's easy to laugh, even when you don't want to. And it sure feels good!

Watching Charlie Brown's classic "kick and miss the football" for 10 minutes straight cracks me up!
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