Saturday, June 25, 2011

Results of My Personality Test

Summary Report 

Your Personal Career Profile Assessment outlines your skills, abilities, interests, strengths, weaknesses, personality characteristics, and suggested career matches for your type.

Your Test Results

Your personality is rather offbeat, imaginative, and entertaining. Your command of prose and philosophical insight combined with your use of satire, parody, and irony, enable you to relate to many people in a seamless, compelling way. 

However, controversy over your present course of inquiry will inevitably arise. What attitude should you take? The full-version of this report offers more insight into choices that you can make overly complex with your mind, however, this FREE version simply offers two suggestions: 

1. Say, "So What" (and then immediately quit worrying about what others think

2. Say, "You're right" (Two of the most beautiful words anyone can hear, which immediately disarms the other speaker, filling them with an innate sense of joy and purpose)

You are not a follower. You lead naturally. You also disrupt the heck out of people's lives with your philosophical inquiries and directed inquisition.

You are very focused, but mostly on yourself. It would be wise to get out more, and no, Whole Foods and Barnes & Noble don't count. 

You are best suited for work that involves other people, so why in the world are you wasting your time in front of a computer screen? You have the unique capacity to help others see within themselves, like what they see, and then agree to share that with the world, so cancel your Facebook account and go make some real friends outside the realm of the Twittersphere. 

You tend to get a little cranky, so be sure to keep plenty of Café au lait close by. Your love of comics would suggest that you're a bit on the immature side, but some might consider you wise for paying this no heed. You are very forgiving of everyone, except yourself, so chill out a bit. 

Listed below are strengths that are typical of people who score like you. Consider occupations that will enable you to capitalize on these strengths. 

Personality Strengths 

(unless you want to make a point, here, you are prone to lecturing people to death)
(you don't work at McDonald's in the Drive-thru window)
(that point should be self-evident) 
(back off on the bread & cheese)
Risk taker
(you jumped out of a perfectly good airplane for gosh sakes)
Moderately intelligent
(admitting to anything more would sound arrogant)
Hard worker
(you've spent far too many hours on this blog without hope of remuneration)
Plays nice with others
(unless you think you're not going to win the game)

Shown below are non-strengths that are typical of people who score like you. These are the areas where improvement will benefit your performance. It is best to minimize exposure in areas that might showcase your non-strengths. 

Personality Non-strengths

Tendency to overcommit
(take a few things off your plate and you'll feel much better)
Tendency to kick or shove people when confused
(we agree, that person at the airline counter had it coming)
Overly sensitive
(quit taking things so personal; people care less about you than you think)
Propensity for blindly following dogmas 
(you're a Taurus, perhaps this can't be helped)

 Some Possible Careers

  Your extremely high score on the DOMINANCE scale indicates that you are naturally motivated to have absolute control over your environment and everyone in it. As such, moving to a country where you could eventually become crowned sovereign would be most gratifying and fulfill you more profoundly than any other career choice. In the absence of possessing supreme power, you may consider: 

Oh, Whoops, sorry.  
We actually can't think of any other career where you'd be better suited. 


This Career Assessment Profile has included a lot of helpful information, which you should take some time to process. If you do your best to apply your strengths and address your non-strengths you will fulfill your career and personality potential. Also, given your particular profile, we suggest you read all the historical accounts of Napoleon, Stalin, Anna of Russia, Victoria, and a number of the English monarchs so you'll have a better chance of not losing your head. 

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