Friday, December 2, 2011

We Are The 100%

Today, people all over the world seem very similar to what we used to previously label as gifted. I think my answers to this questionnaire are shared by us all and reflect as much about ourselves as it does about the growing positivity shared by today's global society.

Even if our personal preferences and tendencies differ slightly.

1. Are you overwhelmed by interests and abilities? YES. 

*Meaning, I think of them constantly so in this respect it does overwhelm my thoughts. But I enjoy the contemplation, so it's pleasant at the same time. 

2. Do you question rules and authority? YES. 

*I question everything. I naturally reevaluate all systems of thought for efficacy and adaptability to changing conditions. In this respect, changes feels friendly. 

3. Are you outraged by moral breaches that the rest of the world seems to take for granted? YES. 

*I believe it is only an "appearance" that the world takes things for granted. I don't think the majority of us really do. 

4. Would you consider yourself very perceptive. YES.

*I feel like I relate easily to people, even when I don't share their viewpoint. 

5. Do you have a great deal of energy? YES. 

*Admittedly, I keep going, increasing momentum until I drop. Then every few years, I enjoy, as I am today, a sick day filled with goodness, rest, and my favorite comfort foods and activities. 

6. Are you highly sensitive, perceptive or insightful? YES. 

*A proper response to this question warrants its own posting. 

7. Do you need long periods of contemplation? YES. 

*I don't necessarily "need" long periods of contemplation, I enjoy long periods of contemplation filled with variety and plenty of commercial breaks. 

8. Do you relate things that don't seem to go together? YES. 

*Everything seems to fit quite naturally to me, despite seemingly contrary appearances. 

9. Would you say you have a good long-term memory? YES. 

*I take great delight in remembering my friends' phone numbers from elementary school and many other novel memories associated with living. 

10. Is it easy for you to switch off your thinking? NO. 

*I welcome commercial breaks and do not feel a need to disconnect from anything. In meditation, I soften all my thoughts and send out pleasantries to the world. 

11. Would you say you lack imagination? NO. 

*I enjoy my worldview and love sharing it in every POSITIVE way possible. 

12. Are you perfectionistic? YES. 

*I honor perfection in all its imperfections. 

13. Would you say you have strong moral convictions? YES. 

*Unyielding but with a very big forgiving heart for myself and others. 

14. Do you have an unusual sense of humor? YES. 

*Please define "unusual" lol ... I have my sense of humor. You have your sense of humor. I love elegant, polite, witty, and good humored humor. 

15. Are you a bad problem solver? NO. 

*I love the beauty of logic. 

16. Would you consider yourself very curious? YES. 

*Only about everything of which I can conceive +/- 

17. Would you consider yourself very compassionate? YES. 

*I care deeply about the world. 

18. Do you avoid challenge at all costs? NO. 

*The title of my earliest manifesto was "The Unification of Parallel Thoughts".

19. Do you have passionate, intense feelings? YES. 

*Yes, if you consider any of the above responses passionate and intense. 

20. Are you fascinated by words or an avid reader? YES. 

*I am mesmerized by the heights of energetic expression in all its delivery methods. 

21. Are you always off in search of 'something' in your life? YES. 

*Not necessarily in search of 'something' but in exploration of the heights of everything.  

22. Do you have unusual ideas? YES. 

*I share our collective love for novelty. 

23. Are you driven by creativity? YES. 

*It explodes from within in all directions. It looks different from many angles. Like white light breaking up into a rainbow of colorful flavors to be enjoyed. 

24. Does it take you a while to learn new things? NO. 

*I easily intuit the things that interest me. 

25. Do you feel a sense of alienation and loneliness? YES. 

*I only feel disappointment in alienation. I am not lonely because my heart is filled with true reverence for the world. I'm just happy to be here. 

26. Do you set high standards for yourself and others? YES. 

*If I can help someone live their dream, I'm always willing to pause and lend a hand. I'm not in a hurry to go anywhere. I just want to enjoy everywhere I go. 

27. Do you feel out-of-sync with others? YES 

*I do at times get frustrated. I've even stomped my feet up and down in protest of negativity. Today, when I protest, I go jump up and down on the trampoline. It's happier in the waves it sends out to the world. I do not want to meet negativity with negativity, difference with difference. I just want to send out the biggest possible BOOST of POSTIIVE ENERGIE that I can send because POSITIVITY naturally invites us all to EMBRACE LIFE in all its complexities - and in its simplicities. 

According to this test, I'm 100% "Gifted". 
I think I'm 100% Human. 

We are the 100% 

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