Friday, December 16, 2011

Sophy's Mailbag 4

Dear Sophy, 

Thank you for reaching out to me on Facebook. I didn't want to post it in my status update, but I was having one of the worst days, EVER! I felt like the whole world was passing me by. It was terrible. I don't know if you sensed it or if it was just coincidence on your side, but for me, it was a very personal. You see, I lost my smile. I don't even know when it happened, exactly, but it's like you go through life and *stuff happens! You try to keep doing all the things your parents taught you to do, even when your friends don't. 

You might not realize it at first, but that *stuff stays with you. Then, for whatever reason, you right turn around and do something equally dumb. Like all those years of bible study and good family values didn't matter at all. It's so easy to fall. It feels awful and it's embarrassing. Then, everyone's got an opinion, which they share without even asking you what's really going on. That's when the anger hits. It's like contagious or something. Cosmic dominoes.  

Of course, you say that humor is contagious. You've really got me thinking. I always used to equate contagious with "there's something going around" like the stomach flu. Then you go and totally confuse me! I like your version better. :)

I see people post inspirational messages all the time, and I share them on occasion. I'm not quite sure why, but your article on PLAY was just what I needed, and YOUR full-blown, don't care what anybody thinks, ENORMOUS LAUGH in your profile photo touched something deep inside me. I know it sounds crazy, but my new goal in life is to laugh like YOU!!! 

A bunch of my friends have been down in the dumbs lately, so I sent them a link to your writing. Maybe we have that jello thing you were talking about (first time I ever heard of that). I didn't even know feeling *junky was a disease, but it makes sense. For once, there's an easy remedy, thanks to you! 

Thank you my friend. You showed up in the nick of time! 

K., Florida

Dear K, 

Thank you so much for your note! With respect to "Nick of time", I've often wondered if St. Nicolas was a time traveler. :D

The cool thing about cosmic dominos (love that expression, btw!) is that if we can always set them back up. Ultimately, if a few topple over, we're the lucky ones. We get to see how they all fit together in order to stand them back up.

Rather than catching "the bug that was going around," I like to think that we're that fan at the baseball stadium who just caught a fly ball! Whoot! Whoot! The crowd goes wild, it gets a little crazy, but when the dust settles, we've got an autographed, highly valuable asset and a great story to share with others at fancy dinner parties! :D

People throughout history have risen higher after standing up to challenge. The thing is, we can't really stand up back until we know ourselves. That's what I set out to do. And it sounds like that's what you're doing. If it was my smile that helped, I'm happy to share many more with you! I also give out Free Hugs! LOL 

I'm happy that some of my happiness flowed in your direction. I'm honored and humbled by your note and willingness to let me share your letter with the world. Many of us fear being laughed "at" as I mentioned in my Jello post, LOL, but I think the world is so much nicer than the media would otherwise have us believe. I run into kind, generous, truly remarkable people all the time. Of course, maybe I'm just looking for them, but isn't it better to look for the good in ourselves and others - so we help everyone achieve it?

Forever Laughing, 

Sophy :D

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