Friday, December 2, 2011

The New Browser: Giggle

Sophy Laughing proudly announces the release of the much anticipated - Giggle browser - the browser with an eye for humor. 

a subsidiary of The Zany Group

"I'd like to increase access to humor and laughter for all, which is why I support humor initiatives. Giggle is vital to accomplishing that goal."  Sophy Laughing. 

A few ideas about what you can do: 

  • You can celebrate joy and laughter and spread the word by changing your Google+, Facebook, Twitter or other social media profiles to the new Giggle browser.
  • Use Giggle and explore the farcical world of humor. 
  • Anyone can "Take the Giggle Pledge" and join in and/or support all those who have abandoned the influence of computerized bots that propagate negativity by utilizing the Giggle browser, which uses a mirthful algorithm that delivers positive internet searches. 
Giggle strives to elevate exploration and global sharing to jocose heights, enabling users a tongue-in-cheek Internet experience. Similar to how Google covers trends, Giggle uses aggregated search data to measure the increases in humor searches around the world. 

While the model we've built is in an "experimental" stage, which means it has not yet been officially created, it is the hope of Sophy Laughing, Giggle executive, that individuals around the world will switch over to Giggle in a worldwide endorsement of the concept. 

The sooner we measure our humorous activity, the sooner the world will laugh. 

Upcoming Releases: 

Chortle for Kids
Chuckle Senior
...and Hoot!

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