Sunday, December 4, 2011

Innocent Humor

In a culture where cynicism is deeply rooted, innocence is often undervalued. We are bombarded by negatives in multiple directions. In this respect, positive humor that can actively engage and entertain, and has therapeutic effects on listeners. 

There are a number of comedians who dedicate their lives to entertaining others. Despite their chosen style (sometimes positive and uplifting, other times sarcastic and witty), I can't help but believe that they share a sincere desire to help others feel good, which is why humor in its many forms appears homogenous.

These comedians (whether positively or and negatively charged in terms of their communication preferences) are remembered, talked about, and appreciated for the heartfelt laughter they provoke. 

Not one to do anything half-way, I am studying humor intently to understand up to what heights this feel good corrective can reach. While there are many areas of study where value can be derived and passed on to others, this is a particularly pleasant one for me, and given the many kind and sincere responses I've received since sharing this exploration, it would seem equally pleasant for others as well. 

The thought that the world has not lost its innocence warms my heart. The innocence that allows us to see the world with eyes of wonder. An innocence that allows us to laugh out loud at silly randomness. An innocence that underpins our ego's insistence on 'knowing' everything about our ourselves and our world. 

Sometimes it's the not-knowing that while seemingly transparent, is in its phenomenon, rather iridescent. 

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