Monday, December 5, 2011

Occupy Christmas

Occupy Christmas 

I'm very excited to announce that I have just arrived back from the North Pole in my time machine. 

While visiting the North Pole in my time machine, I had an opportunity to personally chat with Old Saint Nick. He told me that there were so many people in need of Christmas this year that he was opening up Christmas as a shared global holiday. "Christmas is for everyone. Christmas is in our hearts. It's that part of us that takes delight in others happiness." 

Christmas is needed more than ever this year, so Santa is sending out early time machines filled with gifts all over the world, and he's asked all of us to help in these very special deliveries. 

Santa said, 
"Celebrate Christmas Now!" 

You see, all over the world there are some people who have encountered grave misfortune. In hospitals all over the world, there are moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and some very brave kids enduring profound pain and sadness. Some of those brave souls will not live to see December 25th, 2011, so it's important that we deliver Christmas to them


Please consider starting your holiday season off EARLY in the spirit of giving. Do not hold back an ounce of Christmas joy until December 25th. If you're lucky, you'll ALSO have December 25th to celebrate more Christmas joy. Celebrating with someone who will not see that day or who will spend that day alone, taps into that regenerative power of love and transformation that grows the more it gives. 

If you can't give a gift, give of yourself. Give your time. Give a smile. Hold back a complaint and offer instead a compliment. These are the gifts our hearts generate. These are the grow the more you give. In a world of dwindling resources, kindness is the most abundant. 

Whether this Christmas is your last or first, take today to give Christmas to someone who isn't entirely certain, this way, no child (young or old) misses out on the opportunity to feel joy. 

I have many little gifts in my Christmas bag, and every day one of those gifts find their way to a person (friend going through a tough time, elderly person in a rest home, child in a hospital, nice neighbor who lives alone without family nearby) who deserves a little more joy in their hearts to keep them warm this holiday season. 

As one of Santa's helpers, it is my honor and profound pleasure to bring in Christmas early for all those who may have other plans this coming December 25th. Please consider joining me in an exercise in free giving and give today - don't wait. 

Recently, a certain 11-11-11 came around and while many celebrated this notably auspicious day on its popular anniversary, I celebrated it early. I celebrated on the day my heart wanted to celebrate. I felt the happiest I have felt in years, like a new beginning was upon me and my heart was filled with joy and gratitude for the many blessings I have received. 

I didn't have to wait for 11-11-11 to celebrate my joy for living. It's the same with Christmas, we don't have to wait until December 25th to celebrate it. You don't have to give every day, but give whenever the opportunity presents itself. I see so many opportunities to give, that I am trying to be prepared with abundance to distribute. Whether that abundance takes the form of an iPhone, a plush Teddy bear, or a much-needed hug, I'm happy to give whenever and however I can. 

No matter how many challenges we see in the world, we're all in this together. Just knowing that somehow makes the world a brighter place in times of darkness. No matter what your personal beliefs about the world and our place in it, we're here now, and that's what matters. 

Giving like you'll never run out of kindness transcends arbitrary calendar dates, arbitrary beliefs and constraints, and in their place, a true gift appears right before our eyes - like magic! 

More than any material item, the gift that truly motivates us all is the gift of love, compassion, and acknowledgement. Give to yourself and others today, and like Santa said, "Celebrate Christmas Now!" 

Dedicated to all the beautiful children in the world who through the graciousness of their existence, bravely face illness and tragedy in a way that reminds us just how precious life truly is. Once you "get" that, every day is a gift and a reason for giving back! 

Thank you to all the SUPER brave kids in the world (young and old)

for being YOU! 

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Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays,
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