Sunday, August 19, 2012

Spock's Brain

Star Trek: The Original Series
Episode: TOS 061 - Spock's Brain
Season 3, Episode 1
Original Air Date: 20 September 1968

"Brain and brain, what is brain?"

Stardate 5431.4, Spock's brain, after a curious encounter, has gone missing - surgically removed by a mysterious woman who examined the whole crew using this bracelet-like device. 
Naturally, a Vulcan's brain would be of particular interest. 
Thankfully, Spock, on account of his Vulcanness, can handle a Cerebrectomy Encephalectomy just fine - well, for 24 hours at least. 
It should be noted that being 1/2 human does not interfere, at least in the case of Spock, with this very cool aspect of being a Vulcan. 
Under the captaincy of Captain James T. Kirk, 
the crew halls a** to Sigma Draconis Vi, where they're hot on the trail of those ensnaring Draconians who absconded with Spock's brain.... 
Kirk and his crew, with Spock in tow like a mindless human, follow the trail of "The Others", the "givers of pain and delight" to an underground fortress where they meet Luna, a young "Other". 
Luckily for Luna (unlucky for Luna when she was stunned by Kirk's phaser) Kara, the leader of the Eymorgs, the apparent females of the Morg, arrives in the nick of time, taking the crew prisoner before the landing party can do anything about, well, much of anything other than suffer some intense pain, courtesy of the Eymorgs.
After a bout of trouble, Kirk comes to realize that Spock is now the "Controller" - a living computer that the Eymorgs hope will last 10,000 years.
The intellectually stunted Eymorgs are basically a bunch Sorority of girls whose primary purpose is to partake of pleasures and/or control their male counterparts, the Morg, by inflicting pain. Through their small council, they carry out the the wishes of the Controller, the ancient architect of the Eymorgs society.
Faced with losing Spock, who is now running the joint...
...Kirk forces Kara to use the Teacher, the machine that endows the Eymorgs with temporary understanding of ancient knowledge, to find out how to perform a "reverse brain transplant" on Spock.
Courtesy of a data download right into First Officer McCoy's brain, Dr. McCoy is able to perform the operation... but he missed the 3-hour deadline, forcing him to rely on Spock to walk him through the rest of the surgery.
Fortunately, for Spock, all goes well and soon enough the team beams back aboard the Starship Enterprise in search of other places where no men have boldly gone before.
Where to next, Captain? 
"Let's go on a secret mission to steal a cloaking device from the Romulans!" 
Behind the scenes photo of Leonard Nimoy from the episode "Spock's Brain".
Leonard Nimoy as Spock laughing at his post aboard the Enterprise. 

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