Friday, August 17, 2012

Ikea Hotel

IKEA, the Swedish cheap-but-cool furniture MEGADEALER, has just announced the launch of their stylish budget hotel chain in Europe. 

Travelers can now delight in the experience of furniture assembly. From the moment you're greeted by IKEA's friendly staff, you'll be ushered, in queue, to the registration assembly center where you'll receive your room key and room assembly instructions. 

"There's no [assembled] IKEA furniture in it," said a fictitious representative for the company. "You'll have to do that yourself." 

What are guests saying???

"I love assembling my own furniture!"
11-year old boy from California

"No worries," claimed guests, eager to experience IKEA one-step-up-from-hostel accommodations. 

"I look forward to assembling my bed after a long day of travel and business meetings," claimed one Eastern European executive. 

"It will be my first time assembling an IKEA Fado Table Lamp, the standard room lamp at the IKEA Do-It-Yourself-Hotel," claimed an architecture student from the UK. 

"What I really look forward to," explained a mother traveling with her 4 children, 2 dogs, and husband (who is in Germany on business), "is the opportunity to see the room finished." 

Finished IKEA hotel room
Estimated *17 hours assembly time 

If you're traveling on business, visiting Europe with your family, or just really wanting to assemble your own internet router so that you can enjoy IKEA's celebrated high-speed internet service, there's nothing like an Assemble-It-Yourself-Hotel... 

Hotel Fun for the inner engineer in all of us! 

Sophy (1994/Malmö, Sweden/IKEA furniture delivery)

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