Monday, January 20, 2014

Propitious Moments

Favorable Omens (1944)
Rene Magritte

Young and spirited!

The vitality and creative force behind the liveliest and most friendly of discourses presents a fitting parallel to those experiences driven by curiosity and the pleasures of discovery.  

Follow with me to a place a little less formal to sit and listen to the continuation of the story, to a lawn where we might sit on the fine, soft grass, leisurely pulling blades from their natural element merely to fashion ourselves a moments pleasure. The novelty of such creations are the pleasures that enchant us. 

We look up to a spacious, open sky ~ a clear, transparent wave crashes at our feet. The mere contemplation of this moment invokes admiration and cherished memories brilliant as the light of a full moon and magnificent, like the colors of the sunset. 

Venice Twilight

Whether you have a taste for unadorned natural beauty or for beauty manipulated by artifice, the framing of success, of favorable moments, often times begin with the mere contemplation of them and their journey of discovery. 

The Holy Family
After Raphael

The examination of propitious moments evokes them from our subconscious mind where they express their affectivity and aesthetic learnings for our bemusement. Natural elements inspired by the desire to dazzle the human mind are at play. 

The Magdalen reading
After Antonio Allegri, called il correggio

Leonardo da Vinci's concepts of diligenza mirrors how we organize propitious moments into a set of rationally configured plots. Imagination, imaginativa, is that provocative impulse we experience in ourselves, expressed in the varied colors and aesthetically arranged moments we capture in our mind's eye. From these expressions arise Memoria, our memory system, which transports these moments to a place of nostalgic connotations. 

Francesco Lavagna

When we reaffirm these innate experiences, we experience their creativity a second time. Each time we do this, the references we utilize appeal to the nostalgic sense of having been part of the actual experience, and we experience them again ~ and again. 

The full presence of a moment leaves an indelible mark upon the imagination like nothing else. Even the thought of such moments links us to a single moment, a single painting, held in time and cherished over and over again like a unique work of art. 

Suiveur de Jean-Baptiste Mallet
Portrait de Marie-Antoinette à la rose

The moments that follow propitious moments are those painted illusions upon which we project our vision of self. We refer back to ourself in that moment. The more unique the moment, the more reflective its relation to our invention of self ~ then and now. 

1778 painting of Marie Antoinette
in a riding costume
with her scented gloves in hand
Antoine Vestier
Private Collection


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