Thursday, January 9, 2014

Ten Little Teddy Bears

Ten Little Teddy Bears

Ten little teddy bears
Surfing the web online
One chased a Pop-Up Ad
And then there were nine

Nine little teddy bears
Discussing the nature of fate
One fell asleep
And then there were eight

Eight little teddy bears
Parading in procession
One tripped over a coconut
And then there were seven

Seven little teddy bears
Utterly transfixed
One forgot himself
And, then there were six

Six little teddy bears
Happy to be alive
One learned how to fly
And then there were five

Five little teddy bears
Knocking at Heaven’s door
One embarked on a solo career
And then there were four

Four little teddy bears
Pouring glasses of Chablis
One got totally snookered
And then there were three

Three little teddy bears
Wondering what to do
One found enlightenment
And then there were two

Two little teddy bears
Sticking out their tongues
The silliest one got his stuck on a pole
And then there was one

One little teddy bear
Tired of having fun
Ran home to momma
And then there were none

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