Monday, June 18, 2012

What Happens on Mondays

What happens on Mondays:

Monday is a culmination, a peak, and many people notice a spike in exuberance and activity at this time. The Sun and the Moon are in opposite signs, and the qualities of both signs in which they fall are lit up with a current running between them, connecting all Mondays past and future. 

What are some ways to engage with Mondays?:

If you've set intentions on a Monday, it is the time for releasing them out to spirit. You might like to meditate on Mondays intentions as the Moon grows brighter, adding power to them with your focus. Mondays are a building up of energy, and a great time to cultivate something new in your life.

How does this work exactly?:

The key to working with Monday energies is understanding that you're a part of it all, too. As the Sun and Moon move through the signs, a forcefield of energy is cast down, engaging with your own unique astrological blueprint. In other words, "May the force be with you on Mondays," and may you also Be with the force of Mondays.
Staying intimately connected to this cosmic dance allows you to tune into subtle shifts and changes. Our intuitive selves experience these through dream images, spirit guidance, and soul yearnings. You go beyond awareness of your known self, so you can experience your spirit self on a Monday with its possibilities.

What are Monday intentions?:

Monday intentions are like wishes you send out on a Monday, but you've got to take an active part in making them happen. You can call it a prayer, too. Whether we know it or not, we all have intentions, sometimes unconcious, that shape our experience. When, on a Monday, you send out intentions consciously, it makes you more present to the day itself, able to jump on opportunities, cultivate contacts, and recognize divine serendipity.

Preparing for a Monday:

Each Monday has a different intuitive feel, and any ritual you do could draw on the essence of the day. As it approaches, you might gather photos, found objects, meaningful totems and place them with your intentions in a prominent place next to the calendar with Monday circled in red Sharpie.

Time to Celebrate:

Monday often casts an exuberant vibe, making it a great time to have a party. This also opens the door for meaningful people to step into your life. But keep in mind that it can be intense, too. There's a reason why more patrolmen are sent out during Monday commutes than any other day of the week! Take time to honor yourself in some way for any steps you took since last Monday. 

The Climax and the "Reveal":

Sometimes Mondays feel like the end of an Act in your ongoing life story. This is true both on the personal and the global scale. It's like in a movie where all the plot points are pulled together on a Monday, and for a brief moment, you can see the interwoven week. If you set intentions, Monday is a day when you begin to make out the path, and can take an exhilarating step forward. It is both a culmination and a time to act on something you've imagined. In the act of doing, you have brought an idea into reality, and made magic forever the day known as Monday.

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