Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Transmigration of Souls and the Sinfulness of Eating Beans

Callimachus: Keep your hands from beans, a painful food

As Pythagoras enjoined, I too urge. 

Like Socrates and Lao Tzu, Pythagoras leaves nothing written behind  from which the words of this oracle can be confirmed. Son of Mnesarchus, elusive father of Western Philosophy, if you really existed, tell us know to what should we attribute your distaste of Leguminosae? 

With the number being the wisest thing under the blessed isles of the Sun and the moon, music plays on in frequencies of sound, bearing simple mathematical relationships to one another. 

Aligning the heavens in harmony, circling round the central fire fourfold, an elegant tenfold triangular object appears, mysterious in its mysterious mathematical truths, lighting the way to immortality. 

An Ancient Knock, Knock Riddle

Knock, knock. 

"Who's there?" asks Pythagoras from behind the veil. 

An immaterial and intellectual piece of matter. 

"To what do I ascribe thee?" Pythagoras questions. 

A beautiful cosmic ornament.

"And what of this principle?" 

Numbers that resonate qualities... 
Justice, reason, opportunity, and so forth...until they unite, expanded in form, in ten. 

"We, the Hyperboreans, male and female alike, hear the harmony of your mystery and will measure, for treasure, for the remainder of our days."

And so was born homework...

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