Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Evolution of Pacman

Pacman on earth developed over billions of years by utter change, filtered through natural selection. So says the Theory of Pacmanian Darwinism, the most influential idea never before conceived of during our time.

Before discussing the Theory of Pacmanian Darwinism, let's take a look at the evolutionary photos Sophy M. Laughing, Ph.D. and her team of Pacmanianologists have gathered on the subject.

The Pacpiranha
Family Paccharacidae
Omnivorous freshwater fish 
South America

The Pacocene
Family Pacmioceneane
13 rows of triangular teeth

The Pacocampus
Family Syngnathiformes

The Pacrapod
Family Musman

The Pacminian
Family Pacmanae

Modern Day Pacman
Family Pacmo genus

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