Wednesday, June 13, 2012

5 Easy Steps to Steampunking your Pug

Steampunking your pug is a relatively easy process. While a number of people think that Steampunking something is simply slapping on a few gears and gluing on some sprockets, dogs tend to be picky when having gears glued to their tails, so I highly recommend that you not affix anything to your pooch. 

Don't do this... it's bad for your pooch! 


#1: Get a Pug

#2: Add Steampunked Goggles

#3: Buy your Pug a bowler hat. 
Steampunk it in your garage or studio. 



#4: Steampunk a cool collar for your pug.
I recommend affixing a key to a time piece and centering that inside a copper plated brass metal. 
This one has detailed edges and a rich patina sealed finnish with a genuine face inlaid in the center.
The key is an antique brass metal one, suspended on an oxidized brass chain with a polished smokey color glass bead. 

#5: Let your pooch know that he or she is loved.
Give them a good petting and a treat for allowing you to dress them up.
Pose for a picture. 

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