Sunday, March 25, 2012

Canine Hurricane Levels

Hurricane Level One  
Yorkies become airborne projectiles.

Dachshunds have taken up careers in rap.

Poodles have brought back the Hippie Movement. 

Border Collies invent spell check after many botched attempts at posting pics.

Hurricane Level Two  
Yorkies get existential.

Mini doxies file hot dog lawsuits.

Poodles are hiding under your bed.

Border Collies resort to fetching flying tree limbs.

Dobermans are on full alert.

Mastiffs are keeping it kewl.

Hurricane Level Three
Yorkies have flown away from home. 

Poodles are missing.

Dogs, everywhere, go missing.

Border collies join forces with Cowboy monkeys.

Dobermans fall in love...

Mastiffs are still keeping it kewl.

Hurricane Level Four
Reportedly, Yorkies are now partying it up.

Poodles join forces with Yorkies to fight crime.

Border collies invent invisible jet packs.

Dobermans connect with their inner puppy.
Cats and dogs everywhere unite...

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