Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Overcoming Peace of Mind


The Center for Overcoming Peace of Mind does not officially endorse the following images, this is a free advertisement. 

Peace of Mind is a 2012 California Surfer psychological chill-out film directed by Martin Scorsese's brother, Bob. The film is based on Sophy Laughing's 2011 blogpost, "Hi. My name is Bob."

Production started this morning at 6:36 a.m. A bunch of happy people who live in Google Images star in this film advertisement, who, according to their photos, appear to be experiencing the phenomenon known as Peace of Mind. 

In 2012, a handful of people with who suffer from positive disintegration, detailed and insightful perspective, and multi-faceted sensitivities got together to nurture the complex combination of intellectual advancement and overexcitabilities in an attempt to uncover the uninvolved lukewarm feeling peace of mind brings. 

The common traits explored in this film illustrate the ability to reach beyond the self and to connect with the "Divine", according to Bob, the film's director. 

Each individual in the following images is dedicated to living a courageous life of self-reflection and transformation. 

Daily, they strive to live in accordance with an inner barometer, which requires listening to and embracing the complex nature of their intellectual, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual selves. 

No longer feeling compelled to please others, they consciously choose to be open and accepting of whatever comes their way. 

Instead of submitting to an internalized inner authority or controlling voice, their daily goal is to simply be who they are called from within to be, moment to moment, day by day. 

The daily "war" within - to quiet old MP3s of self-demands and judgments, and to follow inner guidance and an intuitive way of knowing. 

The reported reward for their daily efforts is a life of integrity and freedom of self-expression. 

The following images contain scenes of people smiling, rejoicing, and otherwise living it up. Negative attitude discretion is advised. 

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