Stick Figures

In 2011, I began drawing very simple Stick Figures which, over time, have evolved in their design and color; the most important addition being their BIG RED heart. 

While Stick Figures, historically, have been non-entities, I enjoy experimenting with them and giving them a personality that allows others to "know" them and imagine them independent of the scenarios in which they are presented.

The Stick Figures do not have faces for one reason: I wish for them to represent a more universal aspect of "beingness" without the constraints society places on gender and race to limit them. In this sense, readers can project themselves into their settings and adventures while I roll up my sleeves and teach myself how to draw the fantastically dazzling dreamscapes in which I envision them taking flight. 

My Stick Figures evolved from the standard cave-like Stick Figure drawing into a more stylized Stick Figure that flows and ebbs with the lines that define their essence. 
Stick Figures convey a type of reality as limitless as an artist's imagination. Despite their limitations and simplified appearance, Stick Figures serve as a reminder that even Beethoven's sonatas were limited by 88 keys. 


Stick Figures in Paris

Abstract Stick Figures

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