Friday, March 16, 2012

The 7 Digits of Highly Effective Phone Numbers, Part 1

Getting people to call us is a very rare skill and this post captures how to do it. The guidance provided here will prove invaluable for people who are trying to get other people to call them. "It's all about having the right phone number," claims Sophy M. Laughing, Ph.D., author of On Becoming A Number; and Coauthor of Geeks & Their Numbers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Numbers. 


Kenny only survived 1 episode of South Park in the first 2 seasons. It is for this completely random factoid that we can consider the number one to be the most important of all the numbers to include in an ideal telephone number. 

While some supports of the number one claim that it is the 'first number', we disprove that theory by stating that there are negative numbers, and the number 0, and a whole bunch of other numbers that are 'less than' 1. 

While the number one may be the first number of which anyone ever thought, the person who thought that is unknown, no longer here, pushing up archaeological dig sites, and therefore cannot be interviewed. 

Residents of Kentucky agree that one is a good number as it represents the number of baths every citizen of Kentucky is required by law to have each year. 

Millions upon millions of people agree that the number one is the crowning achievement of the number system for whatever reason and firmly assert that theoretically, as well as practically, one is the essential digit in a phone number. 

Even numbers are defined as numbers divisible by 2. 
Two is the 1st even number.
And, therefore, the quintessential digit of any given telephone numbering system.

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