Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our Blog Apologizes

You no doubt remember the early posts. Nice, quietly contemplative, unfamiliar with the gaze of public scrutiny. At one time, perhaps, but not any more. 

I have been asked by the blog owner, in my capacity as blog writer and conscience of our little blog, to offer an apology from the creators of Happy Thoughts Travel Fast (HTTF) for our occasionally frequent "going off topic" tendencies. Like many small-blog folks, we at HTTF care very deeply about the humor effort. And it is was this effort we believed we were assisting when we fell for the smooth talking "it's my blog and I'll write what I want to" idea. 

If you look to your left, you'll notice our 100% Reputation. If you are reading this from your phone, it looks like this: 

Those honeyed numbers - 100/100 - illuminate our blogiotic duties, bringing an assortment of responsibilities to our blog readers. Each post is created inside a very small library or on the corner of a cozy, leather couch and stored on a GIANT server. Each post aims to feature tasteful images and concepts to multiple Readers with a variety of interests. Naturally, when one of our blog posts are featured by other sites, retweeted, or otherwise shared, we are publicly appreciative, but privately shocked. 

"How in the world do people find our little blog?" the blog author once told me. "Do people have nothing better to do with their time than read internet fodder?" 

Of course, speaking as the individual writing the internet fodder, I totally get why people enjoy reading it. 

It's fun! 

During all those moments when we have absolutely nothing better to do with our time and our entertainment-centric brains are out surfing the web for funny or otherwise interesting tid-bits of data, here comes HTTF to the entertainment rescue. 

So, apparently people haven't lost their senses. Readers assure me that there's "good stuff" in here. Each post contributes to the archive - some 1200+ posts - in an effort to raise our Google ranking and chances of being "discovered" as a true literary talent not to be dismissed. 

The Readers of HTTF, for example, send emails and instant messages to influence the posting of certain articles ... to suggest jokes, to share background information, to share things they probably shouldn't share, and mainly to ask things like: 

Why did you post that? ... 
Where in the world do you come up with all this stuff? ...
What are you smoking? ...
Can I have some? ...
How do you know all this stuff? ...

To which the author of the blog responds with clarity, wit, and a slight air of dismissiveness in an attempt to not get too overly personal - a logician's kryptonite. 

So, this is HTTF. Yonder, on the right-hand side of your screen, is a real picture of the author on a Really Good Hair Day ...

So, here we stand, naked as the day this blog was created, next to the HTTF-verse that was created in April 2011. Old "Sophy 'softly' Laughing" turned Happy Thoughts Travel Fast. "Why?" you ask? 

Because there's enough serious stuff out there. When it comes to internet fodder, I take mine with a side of wit, a pinch of playfulness, and an extra helping of whatever-comes-to-mind just to make the mixture a bit more palatable. 

Now, back to that apology. We hope this apology for occasionally going off topic soothes the soul as much as a nice warm beverage soothes the savage adult. Though you must know, in all reality, the author of this blog assumes no responsibility for the posts that fail to entertain while simultaneously taking 100% of the credit for the one's that do. 

Many a perfectly good morning has been spent pecking away at a pristine MacBook Pro laptop instead of sleeping in ... Who knew one could create such a space in the wee hours of the morning before the pets wake-up? The pets, maybe. But there you are. Up with the animals writing in a blog just to entertain self and others. 

Not a bad way to spend a morning ... 

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