Saturday, September 6, 2014

Breaking Down the Road Less Traveled

[Breaking Down the Road Less Traveled]

A quest takes hold / the imagery molds / the destination is no longer the goal / instead / the most amazing things happen along the Road / Rather than a symbol of hope / Kick back, relax, and turn the whole thing into a joke / Almost as natural as adorning a string with a piece of soap / Life isn't just about those things that teach us how to cope / Life is a place: / where one doesn't need to put on a face / where knowledge of self is knowledge of people / and the recognition that the virtue of our souls has nothing to do with good or evil / The admission cost for this journey is not all too steep / when life is about what you do - not about what you keep / If life has taught me anything, it's that it doesn't really matter where you go / the love of discovery never erodes / And it is in this way that the Road Less Traveled has become in the minds of people a worthwhile destination and a sight to behold. 

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