Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust, Nano to Nano

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust" is a metaphor based on the scriptural text "Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return" (Genesis 3:19).

In early chemistry theory, every combustible substance was in part composed of phlogiston; the phenomena of one material consuming another (burning).

The phenomenon of this ash + nearby gaseous substances = the energetic equivalency of the original substance tells us that we are in a closed system.  

In a closed system, there is no gain or loss of weight.  
  (That's the story I'm sticking with the next time I step on a scale!) 

"Rein ne se perd, rien ne se crée, tout se transforme."
~Antoine Lavoisier

Converting water to gas and then back into water again without losing the weight of the original substance shows us how substances can undergo changes from one physical form (time space location) via another physical form in order to transfer back again into a similar physical form (separate but accessible time space location). When we transform water into terra (the matrix) within a closed system these substances can be later be reconstituted back into their original form (of water).

It's like energie changing clothes to get a look at the universe from a different time space location, which tells me that earth could be conscious (i.e., all elements in the universe could be conscious and simply acting out a specific purpose - i.e., to be my chair - by nature of their physical configuration). 

Antoine Lavoisier's experiments demonstrated this principle, which ultimately gave rise to his famous oxygen theory, which replaced the earlier phlogiston theory (which was not regenerated and therefore left in the dust). 

Funny how things seem to work out (in a closed system). Either you regenerate or you turn to dust. 

Today I am thinking about how we could hypothetically project the essence of our original energetic substance or pattern (consciousness) into a new substance without losing all our memories (original energetic energie). If we are to pass through any given form (terra or nano) there would ultimately be loss of some energie and gain of other mass (i.e., energie) in order to equal the weight of original energetic energie...

unless that energie is growing, in which case it could someday consume (as in the processes described above) more and more energie until it no longer needed to pass through this terra stage to gather new mass (in order to reconstitute). 

I do not know if my search to find a suitable material host for the unbroken continuation of my present  consciousness is possible, but if I do not at least try and research options for the preservation of my consciousness (other than by natural means of death and reconstitution via terra or combustion), I will never know for sure whether or not it can be done.

Of course, I could presume that within this closed system I will once again be reconstituted and that "I" am already the product of an earlier process of reconstitution. If this is the case, then there's really no reason to hold onto one energetic substance unless you really like it. 

Holding onto one consciousness might result in a failure of the entire system to self-replicate. If we never die, we could destroy the closed system. What then? Would the system blow up and start anew?

If we are held in a system, what is holding the system together? 

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