Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stick Figures in Heaven

My 1st Comic Strip!

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Stick Figures in Heaven


Soph Laugh

One day while writing a "Christmas" article, an interesting thought hit me: Throughout history, religious mystics, leaders, and followers have always pointed away from themselves toward Heaven... but what if this is Heaven? What if Heaven and Hell occupy the same physical space *our universe is a closed physical system, which would account for the variance in experience many people on the planet have...

Not that I believe in the notions of Heaven or Hell, but rather the realization that one person can have a positive experience in life while another has a negative one has always baffled human beings - myself included.

Using simple terms like "Heaven" and "Hell" with simple characters "Stick Figures" ... this question, while not necessarily "Funny-Ha-Ha" but maybe "Funny-Interesting" is the theme of my own adventure into comics... ♥

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