Friday, November 25, 2011

Guilty Chakras

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Do You Suffer From Guilty Chakras? 

If you're wondering whether or not you got out of bed on the wrong Chakra, you're not alone. Others, too, are asking if their Chakras are still under warranty, whether they can upgrade their Chakra system or maybe even join the Occupy Chakra Movement. 

Some resort to downloading apps to balance their Chakras, others try genetically modifying their Chakras, and a few others, well, let's just say that they might have a Chakra or two loose. There are good Chakra days and bad. 

Guilty Chakras are blunt arrows that quiver with fear. Guilt is the tax that Chakras pay on behalf of your fears. They're the gift that keeps on giving. Hard as it may be to accept, Guilty Chakras hold us back. 

By now, you probably know that a good Chakra is hard to find. Still, you'll have an easier time connecting with your SoulChakra if you follow these 5 easy steps: 

1. Recognize the kind of Guilty Chakra that's holding you back. 

2. Make amens or heal your Guilty Chakra sooner than later. 

3. Accept that your Chakras can become out of alignment, and move on. 

4. Recognize and eliminate the behavior that lead to Guilty Chakras. 

5. Chakra perfection does not exist outside ourselves, so look for it within. Chakra perfection is the mere fact that Chakras exist in the first place. 

A clean bill of Chakra Health is within your grasp, even if you have to stretch to reach it. Understanding what works best for your individual Chakras is the first step in healing them. 

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