Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Raising Funny Kids 19: Family Video Project Night

The kids and I each have our individual interests and talents. I like to write and tell jokes. My son likes to animate, make his own music compositions and songs, and create music videos using video game technology. My daughter likes to draw and animate her cartoons. Together, we have the makings of a budding production company. More importantly, we have the makings of some really fun family memories and momentos that will bring smiles to our faces for many years to come. 

The above video - Funniest Animated Oneliners EVER! is an animated video produced by all three of us. My son took the jokes from my Twitter account, which he had me voice act. He then edited my voice acting to a point where I'd never recognize my own voice. Next, my daughter drew this wonderful Anime comic and animated four different facial positions for the mouth movement.

After all of this, my son mixed in the sound and finished the rest of the video and sound editing, which he then rendered and uploaded to his YouTube Channel - INFINITE GEAR MEDIA (by the way, he's trying to get 50,000 subscribers, so please SUBSCRIBE to his channel). 

And Voilá! A homemade animated video was born! 

Projects like this one (and the additional video projects below) give both kids and parents a chance to connect in a more creative way. By pulling everyone's creative skills together, family game night can turn into Family Video Project Night!

Same premise, really, just a bit updated thanks to the advent of Technology!

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