Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Art of Laziness

The Art of Laziness

Today, I decided to explore the concept of "laziness". The dictionary defines lazy as being unwilling to work or use energy; not caring. 

My teenage son said that "laziness is when you're either too mentally or physically tired to do something".  

My teenage daughter said that "laziness is when you're not being productive".  

I asked our pets, they said "ruff, ruff, ruff" and "meow, meow, meow." 

Generally speaking, I think most people consider laziness downright neglectful. 

Interestingly enough, when I tried to visualize or depict the concept "laziness" the thoughts that immediately came to my mind were relaxing moments lying in a hammock, reading a book by the pool, sipping mojitos, watching television, or taking a nap. 

Ask a child to define laziness and they'll say that it's "doing whatever you want to do." 

What a contrast between how we experience "laziness" and how we define it. Perhaps there's a much more subtle art to being lazy than we've previously considered.

The distinction lies in the definition of the word "lazy". "Sheer laziness, is relaxing, sleeping, watching TV. 

Whereas "smart laziness" would be playing games, exploring, painting, sculpting, singing, cooking, baking, swimming, drawing, doodling, reading, writing, posting on Facebook, or tweeting on Twitter. 

Announce a "lazy day" to a room of students (in any grade) and watch their minds and creativity soar! 

Smart laziness allows us to think, to wonder, and to use our brains in search of short-cuts. 

Consider the following examples (e.g.): 

If you ask someone to write the word et cetera, most people will write...

If you ask someone to write the words, Laugh Out Loud, most people will write...

If you ask someone to write the words, I love you, most people will write...

For the hearing impaired, the equivalent shortcut looks like this: 

In a world of electronic devices, you can ask pretty much anyone this question and get the same answer. 

What happens if you don't recharge your batteries? 

They go Kaput!

After considerable analysis here today, I believe that

Sheer laziness 

leads to Smart laziness 

are essential to living a healthy, balanced life. 

(The video my kids created on The Art of Laziness) 

Not bad for a lazy day, if you ask me! 

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