Saturday, November 26, 2011

Snow White and The Seven Chakras

Snow White & The Seven Chakras
Exclusively from Sophy Laughing, the creator of Alice in ChakraLand, comes an exciting new tale of running out of particles. 

Snow White & The Seven Chakras, a classic tale about how to consciously-project your thoughts to the rainbow of wavelengths that lie beyond your localized forest spin. Using your ChakraSpheres, in a way that escapes the finite nature of the universe, you too can follow Snow White deeper into the quantum forest. 

Showing us how to harmonize our chakras and break free from negativity, Snow White is faced with escaping the force of her evil Step-Mother's bonded particles. Rejoice as Snow White energetically triumphs and takes us on a journey that connects us back to the quantum field, where information begets information simultaneously, where apples are bright and shiny, and where dwarves do our household chores! 

In an interview with Snow White's friends, Walle and Eva, they shared this clip when explaining their understanding of Snow White's journey, stating that it was very much like the nature of their cosmic dance along the quantum rainbow of color. 

Transcend to the next modality of energetic storytelling experience beyond the forest of finite energie, which is confined to a finite volume of space that has a finite number of distinguishable states and therefore registers only a finite number of trees, and enjoy the magic of the universal mirror that isn't as far, far away as it may seem. 

In our present manifested state, we are the product of light scattering and moving away from an unknown trajectory (which appears straight-and-narrow), but inherent within each of us is a consciously-accessible ChakraSphere that can assemble, disassemble, and reassemble itself to harmoniously blend in with an infinite number of colorful rainbows, essential to ChakraEvolution. 

Snow White & The Seven Chakras, own it on Blu-Ray today! 


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Soph Laugh said...

Dear Anonymous:

Thank you for the compliment and for visiting my blog. I appreciate your support and readership.

Sophy :D