Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Funny Bit About Apples

Without this little apple, there is no bit. 

"No it, no bit." 
Seth Lloyd, Programming The Universe

It all started with an apple, began one book. "Interestingly enough, the number of bits in an apple has been known since the beginning of the twentieth century, since before the word 'bit.' Af first, one might think that an apple embodies an infinite number of bits, but this is not so. In fact, the laws of quantum mechanics, which govern all physical systems, make finite the number of bits required to specify the microscopic state of the apple and its atoms. Each atom, by its position and velocity, registers only a few bits; each nuclear spin in an atom's core registers but a single bit. As a result, the apple contains only a few times more bits than atoms - a few million billion billion zeros and ones. 

The significance of a bit of information depends on how that information is processed. All physical systems register information, and when they evolve dynamically in time, they transform and process that information (like a marble chipping away at itself). If an electron 'here' registers a 0 and an electron 'there' registers a 1, then when the electron goes from here to there, it flips its bit." 

 These are my apples. 

I envision this lovely HA apple appearing on a degree in humor studies. 

I envision The Punchline of this Joke Apple as the iconic logo of my upcoming Humor Analysis Academy, where someone might earn the above said degree in humor studies. One "HA" for a bachelorette degree, two "HA-HA's" for a Master's Degree, and three "HA-HA-HA's" for distinction of earning a Doctorate's Degree in Humor Studies. 

This is not an apple. It is an image of an apple denoting my theory of humor, which culminates in the punchline. 

Comedy is a humorous journey of seeking out a beautiful apple, then bringing it home, envisioning how it will be enjoyed, and then, ultimately, taking a bit out of it. 

For me, the apple represents the essence of savoring life's humorous moments. I'm not alone in my thinking...

"The true significance of any bit is the significance we give it."
Sophy Laughing

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