Friday, November 18, 2011

Pimp Your Cubicle

Hello, and welcome to another edition of 

Pimp Your Cubicle

On today's show, we'll be examining the very nature of cubiclism and its effects on the types of accessories we buy to combat the reality of brain numbing careers. 

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In the minds of most, cubicles represent history without events. 

Uninspiring, dull, flaccid spaces where double-entry bookkeeping was born. 

Calculators, spreadsheets, and end-of-year reports adorn the tables. 

Organization, and its rationality, rank supreme. 

 Discipline - the hallmark of modern capitalism. 

The importance of industry to support a growing world economy is undeniable. 

However, the experience of impersonating hamsters amid composite material can lead to characterless, featureless, insipid environments. 

Mills, in his attack on corporate bureaucracy, imagined each office as "a segment of the enormous file" organizing the "billion slips of paper that gear modern society into its daily shape." 

It is no easy task to yield world-changing influence in the land of humdrummery.

For those who have without having first pimped their cubicles...

For most of us, the efficiency of partitions has a downside. 

Employee productivity actually decreases as one navigates the endless mazes of jejune office furniture systems on the way to the restroom, coffee pot, or marketing department. 

The constraints of the modern office don't inspire employees back to their desks. 

Instead, employees return to their cubicles traveling at glacier speed along the glowing rivers of ones and zeros that flow through the air conditioned air streams which lead back to their computers, those innocent pieces of marvelous technology held hostage in the clutches of a cybertetic-counterculture posing as a communal network. 

What's a person to do? 
Imitate work in a convincing way when the boss strolls by...

No way! 

The accessories we buy for our cubicle says as much about us as it does about the very nature of cubiclism itself.

In a dreary work world where the soullessness of office life shrinks into small spaces, we owe it to ourselves to decorate that open, wall-less, subdivision of office space.

Without further ado, here's some pimped out cubicles to inspire a space that only a spreadsheet could love...

Together, we can decorate the walls that stop the free flow of ideas. If you can't Pimp Your Cubicle, ditch it and hitch a ride on mine! (see photo below). 

Sophy's Cubicle


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