Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Reported HA4 Institute Findings

Avoiding Stress Lowers Stress Levels. 

Mildly funny comics may result in non confirmed laughter, small sample size, and inadequate control conditions. 

The reported experimental effects of video watching may or may not produce laughter. 

It is sobering to realize that many abstracts are the basis of much of the folklore about studies. 

Several non immunological studies have found absolutely no relation between issues not considered. 

Questionnaires can be used to assess answers to questions asked. 

In order to measure physical symptoms, examine them. 

Based on pen-and-paper studies, doodles were ranked top. 

Childhood personality studies reported that children unwilling to share sandbox space often times pursued careers in politics, covert business, emergency room management, and Apple Care technical support teams. 

Data collected on Union Bosses, PTA Presidents, and Comcast Workers returned with contradictory reports of intrigue, rigorousness, and ineptness in a famous seven-decade longitudinal study. 

It was also reported that individuals who laughed four times daily may act as if they were cheerful. The HA4 Institute was so impressed with the results of this random, yet lengthy, study that they renamed their institute HA4 from HA2. Indicating an optimism about whether or not the presence of two additional "ha's" was beneficial to our health while sounding way more important than HA2 alone. 

Optimistic people may also be especially shocked and stressed by life events that turn out worse than expected. 

The Panglossian Lifestyle Diet has yielded positive results regardless of the circumstances. 

Mr. Gigglesworth, HA4 Founder

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