Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ye Olde Web Acronyms

CGI: The Common Gateway Interface processes data that you submit, allowing you to interact with Web content. Commonly used in search boxes. Not to be confused with Ye Old CSI (Caught ya Stealing and I'ma gunna shoot you!).

FTP: File Transfer Protocol allows you to quickly transfer large files from one computer to another (commonly used to upload material to the Web).

The Fastest Uploader in the West

HTML: Hypertext Markup Language is the common programming language behind the Web pages you view (as interpreted by your browser). 

IP Address: Your Internet Protocol address is your computer's unique online ID Number. 

Wild West. E. Frank Wright, Mug Shot Poster
IP Address: 4243

ISP: Internet Service Providers sling connections via modem.

Billy the Kid

RSS Feed: Embedding a site's Really Simple Syndication deed on your site allows you to access your target site's content from the comfort of your own page. It also alerts you immediately to new content and is thus commonly used to monitor news sites.

TCP/IP: The software that spawned the Internet.

URL: Every Web page has a unique Uniform Resource Locator, which includes its domain name.

XML: Watered down HTML, useful for databases and other sites that require standardized pieces that reappear in many places. 

Post depicted from Garth Sundem's

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