Sunday, November 11, 2012



Post-Whateveritism describes the development of the American attitude since the 1990s. Post-Whateverits reject limitations and lame thinking: they continue using slang, thick American accents, distinctive dressing styles, and gansta or television sitcom examples when they want to make a point, taking an individual's personal coolness factor to a whole new level.

The Post-Whateverists were dissatisfied with the triviality of pretty much everything they encountered in life. All they heard was wah, wah, wah everywhere they went. They realized that they didn't agree with mainstream thinkers and mindless followers concerned only with themselves so they set out to restore a sense of order and structure to their responses in order to clearly and distinctly convey the impression that they were so beyond utterly cool that everything else paled in comparison, leaving them with no alternative than to respond with the word: Whatever. 

Although Post-Whateverists often used the word Whatever, they were not in agreement concerning a cohesive movement. When asked why, a parrot on YouTube had this to say: 


"For purposes of convenience, it was necessary to say something. I mean really, we couldn't just stand there and drool, so we chose the vaguest and most non-committal word we could think of." 

Admittedly, the term Post-Whateveritism is not a very precise one, though saying "Whatever" when you have nothing else to say is convenient.  Trying to say anything else during one of these moments would be a total disaster. Of course, Neo-Post-Whateverists replaced the term "Whatever" with WEL (Whatever, Loser!). Despite this recent texting modification, "loser" had long since been implied. 

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