Monday, November 12, 2012

Life Without Humor

A life without humor is like waking up in the morning for work, pouring a cup of coffee, finding everything where we expect it to be, and discovering that nothing needs to be reconsidered or radically reevaluated. Life is routine, organized, and unreflective.

What humor does is rupture the ordinary unreflective attitude allowing for a sudden abundance of meaning in enjoyment and recreation. Humor allows us to transcend the serious kind of consciousness that inattentively prefigures and presumes the world as a totality according to a matrix of familiarity. 

What these poorly spelling animals have raised here is a question of philosophy; that is, a question of how humor affects consciousness. While the more serious minded mull this over, here's some ordinary yet fantastically entertaining images to articulate what is meant here by humor: 

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