Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Pleasure Effect

An air of vitality radiates on Thanksgiving Day.  The collective effect of millions of people giving thanks raises energie levels, producing a reverie of well-being felt around the globe. 

Basic global emotions are varied in their expressions with the finer emotional nuances like gratitude, pride, and humility being the most cooperative of all the cognitive experiences. 

When a nation collectively pauses to reflect on those things for which they are grateful a pleasurable effect arises from that aspect of ourselves we cherish, our humanity. 

This positive expression produces moments of evolutionary understanding. Our affinity for these experiences produces pleasurable new perspectives and a nearly infinite number of ways to creatively express this enjoyment. 

Thanksgiving is a day for forming novel and creative thoughts and ideas; combining conventional understanding with personal expression in the playful interplay between tradition and positive generosity. 

May today's reveries of gratitude inspire you and yours this holiday season. 


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